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The 78th Anniversary of the Presentation of the Independence Manifesto


Today, Morocco commemorates the 78th anniversary of the presentation of the Independence Manifesto on January 11, 1944, an important date in the history of Morocco, since it represents Morocco’s aspiration for freedom, democracy and national unity.

This agreement, which illustrates the common will of the King and the people to end the protectorate for afree and independent Morocco, enabled the phase of public demand for independence and national sovereignty to begin and gradually recover the different parts of its national territory: North part, Central part and the Moroccan Sahara.

Presented on January 11, 1944, this document was a turning point in the struggle to free the Kingdom from colonialism, ingeniously sealing a pact between the King, the late Mohammed V, and figures of the National Movement.

Among the 67 signatories of the Manifesto was a woman, Malika El Fassi, whose signature was a revolutionary symbol of an active involvement of Moroccan women in different political and social struggles, and their presence in different spheres of economic and social fields.