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FOMA 2023


On Friday the Embassy participated in the Fabrics of Multicultural Australia (FOMA) exhibition and runway. It featured a stunning array of unique takchitas hand-made by two Moroccan designers. They provided ten garments for the runway show, which were beautiful displays of Moroccan talent and design with both modern and traditional influences adorned with vibrant colours and embroidery. Their impressive line of elegant caftans and takchitas dazzled the audience who were in awe of the vibrant two-piece caftans.

If you have not heard of the takchita, it is a type of caftan, comprised of two garments and worn with a large belt. They are mostly worn for celebrations, particularly weddings. The first layer is called the Tahtia, which is usually a fine piece of clothing. The second layer is called the Dfina, which is a more elaborate over-dress that often buttons up using traditional closures. This top layer is often adorned with embroidery, beading or sequins. 

A special thank you to @moroccofashionhouse for their exquisite display of caftans at the Embassy’s exhibition stand. They presented caftans and traditional Moroccan artisanal items that portrayed Morocco beautifully to the attendees. 

Thank you also to @FOMA for the invitation to participate in this unique event. It was an amazing way to display an assortment of numerous fashion pieces from all different cultures.