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Birthday of His Majesty King Mohammed VI


Today we celebrate the 60th birthday of King Mohammed VI.

Since ascending to the Throne, the King has been focused on elevating the country’s economic, social and political affairs. His specific emphasis on human development has led Morocco to make significant advancements in enhancing literacy, education, healthcare, and gender equality.

Stepping into the 21st century, and under His leadership Morocco has made substantial progress in many areas including, but not limited to, our role as a diplomatic and economic actor. As such, Morocco made extensive progress in the international arena, in addition to its development of South-South cooperation in particular as well as renewable energy and the fight against climate change.

The celebration of Youth Day highlights the unwavering commitment of His Majesty in supporting our youth by establishing a number of initiatives to the benefit of the younger generations, such as the foundation of socio-educational centres, socio-sports complexes, and vocational education.

Further, the continual Royal dedication to Moroccans living abroad has reinforced the symbiosis between the diaspora and the Throne.