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Australian Business Summit Council’s Annual Gala Dinner


Did you know that Morocco has transformed itself into a key hub for trade and investment, and has become a leading destination for businesses looking to establish a foothold in Africa? This is what the Ambassador discussed in her keynote speech at the Australian Business Summit Council’s annual gala dinner last week. 

Thanks to the visionary leadership of His Majesty the King, Morocco has impressively built world-class infrastructure to support its economic growth and competitiveness. For example, the Tanger Med Port, connects Morocco to 184 cities across 71 countries. Morocco is also home to the second-largest African airline, which serves the North of Africa with 19 international airports. In a mere 2 hours’ flight, you can be in Europe, further emphasising our fundamental role as the bridge between Africa and Europe. 

She met and conversed with Australian business leaders from a variety of sectors, as well as the diplomatic community. It was a great opportunity to showcase Morocco’s dedication to innovation, trade, and renewable energy, amongst others.