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Anniversary of the Recovery of Oued Ed-Dahab


Monday marks the 44th anniversary of the recovery of Oued Ed-Dahab, a significant milestone in Morocco’s national reunification process. 

On the 14th of August, 1979 several notable people including scholars, dignitaries and tribal chiefs from the Province of Oued Ed-Dahab travelled to the Royal Palace in Rabat to pledge their allegiance to the late King Hassan II, May He Rest in Peace, in turn reaffirming their attachment to their motherland. 

Through this act, they proved that their Moroccan identity is integral to them, and it shows to the world that the Sahara is and always will remain Moroccan. 

This recognition laid the foundations for socio-economic prosperity within the region, with a significant advance in the economic, social and urban areas, alongside particular strengths in the fishing, agriculture, renewable energy and tourism sectors. 

The return of this beloved part of Morocco to the homeland was the result of a long struggle over decades undertaken by Morocco to complete its independence and territorial integrity. 

The commemoration of the recovery of the province of Oued Ed-Dahab will always be an opportunity to reflect our national values.