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70th Anniversary of the King and People's Revolution Day


Morocco celebrates today the 70th Anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, commemorating the authentic Moroccan patriotism for the service of independence, freedom, and national unity, as well as the strong synergy between the Throne and the People.

On August 20, 1953, the colonial authorities forced into exile the hero of liberation and independence, the late HM King Mohammed V, with the intention of hampering the national struggle for independence. As a consequence, a stronger mobilization of the Moroccan people rose up across all regions of the country to protect the sovereignty of the Kingdom and demand the return of the symbol of the unity of the Moroccan Nation, the late HM Mohammed V. 

On November 1955, the late HM Mohammed V made a triumphant return to his country and announced the end of the protectorate and the advent of independence and freedom, and the beginning of the great economic and social endeavours for the construction of a free and independent Morocco in search of the completion of its territorial integrity.

The liberation march and the completion of national independence continued with the recovery of Tarfaya on April 15, 1958 and Sidi Ifni on June 30, 1969. Afterwards, the liberation of the remaining usurped parts of the Moroccan Sahara thanks to the symbiosis between the Throne and the people, in particular the late HM Hassan II who enabled, through the largest ever peaceful March in the history of humanity, the evacuation of the last foreign soldier from the Moroccan Sahara, on the 28 February 1976, as well as the recovery of the province of Oued Eddahab on August 14, 1979.