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2023 Multicultural Festival


Over the weekend the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco participated in the 2023 ACT Multicultural Festival. This year the festival celebrated the 25thanniversary of the event. With over 170 unique nationalities a part of the festivities, it was an eventful day filled with examples of the culture and diversity that exists throughout Australia. 

In the heart of Canberra, the festival attracted thousands of visitors who were impressed by the uniqueness of a country visited annually by thousands of Australians. the National Multicultural Festival has become a wonderful platform to discover and promote all different cultures that make up today’s Australia. 

As was the case in previous years, Morocco participated actively in this year’s edition featuring an interior lining with the vivacious colours of Morocco, a Moroccan living room, handicraft exhibitions, lanterns, traditional clothes and gastronomy. The Moroccan stand was a great illustration of the magnificence of "the land of one thousand and one nights”. 

Morocco’s famous mint tea and Moroccan sweets were available to replenish and cool down the large number of visitors on the warm summer’s day. Visitors expressed their interest in the rich heritage of the Kingdom and their admiration for the beauty of its craftsmanship and the deliciousness of its gastronomy. 

The day was an amazing way to reiterate the importance of the cross-cultural ties between Morocco and Australia for the development and prosperity of our countries. 

We hope you had a chance to visit us at the stall, and look forward to seeing you all there next year!