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Windows to the World


Throwback to last Sunday, the Moroccan Embassy in Canberra opened its doors to almost 400 people during "Windows to the World" event.

Canberrans from different ages had firsthand experience of Moroccan history, food, and traditional practices. Visitors learned about the long history of Morocco, the different places to visit, diverse industries and how the famous Argan oil is produced.

Everyone was offered Moroccan tea after the traditional tea ceremony was performed. Served with mint leaves and sugar, drinking Moroccan tea is a common way for people in Morocco to hydrate, especially in the heat of the Sahara Desert. 

It was followed by a video showcasing the beauty of Morocco with its long beaches, golden sand dunes, and historic cities and a clip of the traditional practice of Fantasia, also known as “Tbourida”, an equestrian performance which concludes with each troop setting off a round of blanks from their rifles.

Each session culminated in a quiz of 10 questions about Morocco, from which the winner received a small souvenir from Morocco. The day was a great way to interact and teach people about Morocco.