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Visit to the Caftan House


The Ambassador was delighted to visit the Caftan House in Sydney. The shop is run by Zara, a proud Moroccan woman entrepreneur specializing in Moroccan interior design and authentic Moroccan Caftans. Her caftans are always present at fashion shows across Australia and overseas where she promotes the unique Moroccan culture and art de vivre. 

The Moroccan caftan is a masterpiece of Morocco’s craftsmanship. A hand-made richly decorated long T-shaped dress featuring a braided silk braid, called “SFIFA” (trimmings) and a row of buttons known as “aakads”. The most elegant Caftans are reserved for special occasions such as weddings. 

Each city and region of Morocco has its own style, with differing types of embroidery to set each one apart. For example, the Caftan designs in Fes are geometric in their style with intricate patterns used to decorate the fabric. 

The Moroccan caftan also draws on the Amazigh traditions of the Sahara and the Atlas. The Amazigh caftan is designed in woolen or felt fabrics with Amazigh patterns and decorations using the natural colors of Morocco. 

To preserve the caftan as a national and artistic heritage, Morocco is committed to adding the Moroccan caftan to the list of the intangible cultural heritage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In 2022, the Moroccan caftan was added to the list of tangible and intangible heritage of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO). 

The Caftan House in Sydney specializes in authentic Moroccan caftans, for casual, formal and bridal occasions. If you are interested in purchasing a genuine Caftan made in the ancient medina of Fes, you can find it at Caftan House, or head over to their website to learn more: www.caftanhouse.com