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Updated Relief Efforts in the Wake of the Earthquake


Military staff and social workers from the Royal Military colour and play with the youngest victims of the devastating Al Haouz earthquake. This makeshift creche has been set up at the military encampment in the small town of Amizmiz, where these children and their families were severely impacted by the September 8 quake. It aims to keep the children safe, cared for and happy as recovery efforts continue. 

This care and concern for the wellbeing of the earthquake victims has been echoed in provinces and prefectures affected by the quake; Marrakech, Al Haouz, Taroudant, Chichaoua, Azilal and Ouarzazate. His Majesty King Mohammed VI has announced over 120 billion dirhams over the next 5 years, to facilitate relief efforts. 

The relief efforts are structured around four main components; which will help to support socio-economic development: 

  • Relocating people affected by the disaster, rebuilding housing, and rehabilitating infrastructure;
  • Opening up and upgrading regions;
  • Accelerating the absorption of social deficits, especially in the mountainous areas affected by the earthquake;
  • Encouraging economic activity and employment, and promoting local initiatives.

The plan aims to enact swift, proactive and targeted reforms, in concert with local governments and organisations. The King meanwhile has encouraged people to listen to the needs of the local populations, whilst considering the environment, unique heritage, traditions and lifestyles of each individual region. 

His Majesty has also established disaster response reserves in each province and prefecture, including tents, blankets, medicine and food to be kept in each for use in times of crisis such as natural disasters. The budget for the earthquake response will be drawn from the appropriations budget.