National ID Card

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The CNIE is an official document that allows any Moroccan citizen to prove their identity as a holder of Moroccan nationality. 

The CNIE is obligatory for citizens who are over the age of 18. However minors more than 12 years old may, in the event of request of passport, apply for the ID under the same conditions as adults. 

The period of validity of the CNIE is 10 years.

The request for the first delivery or renewal of the national electronic identity card will be deposited by the interested party in person against a dated receipt, at the consular service where he/she resides.

Fingerprints of the interested party are taken by the Consular Service in the following cases:

  • request of the CNIE for the first time;
  • When the old CNIE has to be replaced with a new electronic identity card;
  • In the event of deterioration, loss or destruction of the National identity card.

Documents required:

  1. Application form to be filled and signed;
  2. Original Moroccan Identity  Card (CNIE)- In case of lost (Declaration form (Declaration in case of lost of Moroccan ID.pdf) to be filled and signed));
  3. Fingerprints to be done by police in your suburb;
  4. Copy of birth certificate (in Arabic and in French) or copy of family book ;
  5. Copy of certificate of residence status (Visa or permit);
  6. Five (5) passport size photographs;
  7. Copy of Moroccan passport ;
  8. A prepaid self addressed envelope (Registered Post, Express Post);
  9. Fees*
Establishment of the CNIE in Morocco:
  • Moroccans residing abroad may establish their CNIE at the services of the DGSN in Morocco by providing the same documents required by the consular services, including the consular certificate of registration to prove their residence abroad.
  • In the event of a change of address, the Moroccan resididing abroad is invited to change his/her CNIE in accordance with the regulation in force.
Checking of nationality:
  • In case of doubt about the Moroccan nationality of the applicant, the Consular Service may require the production of a certificate of registry, as envisaged by article 33 of the code of Moroccan nationality.

*Please refer to fees section. (N.B: We will call you to arrange the payment of your fees via bank card, once your application is received and ready to be processed)